A mobile app that analyses complex biochemistry analysis, blood tests and other lab data results. It aggregates a list of illnesses defined by the results of the testing and interprets them in an understandable way.
Fast. Effortless. Straightforward.
Our app helps you to match the data from your lab tests with their corresponding diseases. Medicalab makes diagnosis available to everyone, all in a click.

For the people
Medicalab decodes human analyses using artificial intelligence, which is a major breakthrough in the medical industry! Everyone will have the opportunity to quickly make a diagnosis on their phone! Medicalab will help you quickly understand your diagnoses. Medicalab can also provide information about your health for choosing the right healthcare professional. Or, it can prompt you to go for a prophylactic health checkup. Also, it can show how bad habits might impact your health and encourage you to self-improvement.
For medical centers
Medicalab analyzes the dynamics of the main test criteria, then converts them into numbers, allowing the user to quickly and effortlessly observe changes in the indicators and compare it to a journal of tests for diseases. Medicalab is more efficient and provide patients with additional data. Based on the interpretation of blood analysis, a laboratory can recommend additional complex examinations, which are often necessary.
For healthcare professionals
Medicalab will help general practitioners, as well as specialists (nephrologists, cardiologists, venologists, dietologists ). AI's capabilities are endless, and the algorithms can test all possible scenarios and speed up a patient's diagnostics; fostering the start of the healing process.
Medicalab — is a solution based on AI. It works fast, simple and easy.
Our app is based on the principle of machine learning, and it analyzes complex parameters such as ALT, AST, crude protein, GAMMA-GT, total bilirubin, direct bilirubin, cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, glucose, creatinine, urea, uric acid, alkaline phosphatase, magnesium, amylase, K/Na/Cl, calcium, phosphor, Iron, antistreptolysin-o, c-reactive protein, albumen, etc.

Medicalab interprets analyses, compares their results and gives a list of illnesses that are characterized by these results, as well as general blood biochemistry and other data.
How can a single app change
the whole world for the better?

Medicalab encourages you to visit a medical specialist before it's too late; to know your health better; and to make the right decisions and changes in your lifestyle.
Healthy habits
Medicalab can help every person to be more aware about staying healthy.
A smart approach
Medicalab helps identify acute infectious or bacterial processes, as well as latent diseases and hereditary pathologies.

Why Medicalab App?
Our life consists of happy moments. We are surrounded by people dear to us and our relatives. Every day we find joy in little things that we might not even notice. But we are happy and see the beauty in our surroundings. We dream, hope for the best and move forward. We travel. We meet new friends. We fall in love, raise children. And all of us want to protect ourselves and live in those happy moments. But the onset of disease can rob us of our happiness and leave us consumed by worry. Medicalab is our best friend for a better life -- it will warn us about diseases, and prompt us to contact the right doctor before it's too late.
Healthcare Professionals Reviews
Discover some medical professionals reviews about Medicalab App
Medicalab App Team
Artyom Trofimuk
Co-Founder & Technical product manager
Android developer with product thinking, experience in managing and working
in medtech startups. (Belarus).
Helena Gromyko
Co-Founder & Digital Marketing
Internet marketeer with 4+ years of experience in IT companies and in the GameDev industry (Salesforce; VR/AR). (Belarus).
DR. Elena Dundarova
Co-founder & Doctor
Anesthesiologist Resuscitator. Intensive care expert. 4+ years of clinical practice at government hospital. My ability to quickly and accurately assess each patient's medical condition and figure out an appropriate course of treatment is admirable. (Belarus).
DR. Julia Bazylchik
Head of Medical Analytics
General Practitioner, I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University, Faculty of Medicine, General Medicine. 20+ years of clinical practice at government hospital. (Russia).
John Varoli
International Communications Director
John Varoli has 25 years experience as a media and communications professional, including 15 years working as a journalist for the New York Times, Bloomberg News, and Reuters TV. (The United States of America).
Svistunov Yuriy
Backend Developer
Backend Developer with 5 years of experience in international product IT-companies (Belarus).
Alexander Yaromich
UI/UX Designer
Designer with 2+ years of experience in working with IT companies and the GameDev and AdTech industries. (Belarus).
Arslan Garadjeev
Software Developer
Android Developer with 1.5+ years of experience in IT-companies. The winner of the republican, and a medalist in the international competitive programming competition. (Belarus).
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